How to Manifest Anything

You must have a “all-clear-signal” in your subconscious mind if you wish to make health or worldly changes. If you decide to build anything excellent for your life or the life of someone else, you must first determine if there is anything deep within you that is impeding your creation. If you want to lose weight or make more money, you must first check within to discover if there are any roadblocks in your subconscious mind. You can keep note of your thoughts during the day to see if any recurring themes emerge, such as “I’ll never be able to repair this” or “I’ll never have enough money.” Then, with awareness, you can shift your thoughts up the spectrum of conceivable thought-waves, to a higher level of consciousness.

What’s Behind All This?

There are a variety of approaches to comprehending how this works and why it is such a potent universal law. Let’s look at both the biological and metaphysical foundations of manifestation to see why this “outpicturing” has been a fundamental force in manifestation for thousands of years.

You may have heard of Candace Pert, a scientist who wrote the book Molecules of Emotion. She talks about the biology of emotions, particularly peptides, which are chains of amino acids that operate as chemical messengers. When we experience emotions, peptides are released and transported to receptor sites throughout the body. These sites can be found in various organs throughout the body, and they store emotional data in the stomach, chakras, and tissues. So, by paying attention to your deep inner mind, the subconscious, and keeping it in as much balance and harmony as possible, you can balance out your bodymind and create the best environment for manifestation and healing. Hypnosis and meditation are two techniques that can help you relax.

What Yogis Have Done

Yogis have known the same concepts for thousands of years and have articulated them in a variety of ways. In the early 1900s, Yogi Ramacharaka wrote about cell communities. In his book The Science of Psychic Healing, he discussed “thought-force healing.” The “fact” that organs, components, and even cells of the body contain “mind” is the foundation of thought-force therapy. The body can receive information regarding healing and manifestation when a powerful thought impression from outside is charged with prana, or vital breath. The yogi suggests that you speak directly to the areas of your body that you want to repair or transform, and tell them what you expect of them. You can tell them things like,” I expect you to do,” he says.

The Best State of Mind for Manifesting Results

Sri Siva, another yogi, believes that in order to achieve truly miraculous outcomes, you must be in the greatest possible state. He claims that you can give your finite ego to God or the Superior Self and allow higher intellect to direct your life. This allows Divine energy to aid you in manifesting and mending anything that is getting in the way of your life’s flow. Anger, frustration, blame, or unforgiveness are blocking you from flowing freely. You will accelerate your healing and manifestation by light years if you continue to watch and change the energy of your emotions into the highest states conceivable, such as love or wisdom.

The Key Phrase

You can look deeply at what’s going on inside and transform whatever difficulties are there, you can use this phrase for yourself or others: “Imagine yourself as you’d like to be.” Then you can listen carefully to what takes place, as that is the transformation that is coming forth from deep inside. You might say, “I see myself free and powerful with my family in harmony, creating a great life with love and abundance everywhere.” This then forms the direction for the next phase of your life.

“Imagine yourself as you’d like to be” is a phrase you might use for yourself or others to look deeply at what’s going on within and transform whatever difficulties are present. Then you may pay attention to what happens because it is the shift that is occurring deep within you. “I envision myself free and powerful with my family in harmony, establishing a wonderful life filled with love and abundance everywhere,” you may remark. This sets the course for the next stage of your life.

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