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How can I Monetize my Website Traffic?

As previously said, the most common means of generating cash from your website or blog is through Google AdSense, but if you are having trouble with them or have been banned in the past, you have other possibilities.

Other PPC (pay per click) firms, such as BidVertiser or Exoclick, are comparable to Google AdSense or Yahoo Publishers Network, and will give a good alternative if you have been banned from AdSense and live outside the United States. Because Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) is still in beta, it is currently only available to residents of the United States.

If you conclude that a PPC campaign isn’t reaching your site to its maximum potential, consider cpm ads. This is where you are paid per thousand impressions, and the user does not have to click on anything in particular, which is why it is so popular. These only work if your site has a steady stream of visitors. If you find the proper company, the rewards can be very lucrative, so do your research before adding the code into your website.

If your site has a high page rank (PR) and authority in the major search engines, you may sell links and make a lot of money. If you worked hard and put effort into your website, this is where you will see the results and realize that it was all worth it.

Signing up for targeted affiliate sites is another wonderful way to increase money from your website. If you can send them focused traffic and someone buys one of their products, you will receive a portion of the total sale. This can be highly beneficial depending on the specialty; for example, if your site is about bathrooms, they can be pretty expensive, so getting 10% off a $2000+ bathroom suite is worth considering. Look for affiliates with high conversion rates and larger compensation.

There are many ways in which you can get additional streams of income to your website or blog, be sure to research each method in order to pick the most relevant and successful based on your site. Once you have found it you will look back and it will all be worth it!

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Exoclick is an advertising network where advertisers can purchase advertising for their websites, and publishers (website owners) can get paid for displaying ads. As a publisher, you can make money by displaying Exoclick ads on all of your websites and blogs. You don’t have to wait for advertisers to buy ads either, Exoclick has a 100% “fill rate”, which means that as soon as your websites are approved, you can start to display ads and earn money right away. You can also refer other publishers and advertisers to Exoclick and earn money from those activities too.